Episode 26: Dope Up Your Bitchassness (ft. Dean Nimock)

Dean Nimock (@_bunky_ on Instagram) calls in for an instant classic of an episode! It was an ode to The Relatables as the guys talked; relationships, festivals, Kulture and what’s going on in each others’ lives. But before all of the fun, Zack tries to set the record straight about what exactly went on between him and Trina. Try it out!

Love$ick feat. A$AP Rocky – Mura Mesa

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Episode 8: We Talk About Our Fight

We had a big fight the other day and lay it all out. Trina talks not wanting to have children and Zack gets honest about his laziness.  PANDA FORTUNES lead us to talk about taking shortcuts in life and people who aren’t willing to walk around life with ankle weights. Give us a like on facebook or better yet follow us on instagram (@coldfeatpodcast). ‘Preciate it.

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Control (feat. Caroline Smith) – Gigamesh