Vicky’s Corner

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The Contract

In Episode 7, Zack and Trina address the “Cinco De Mayo Bet”. Here is the proof and contract signed by the two! Will Zack achieve his four minute mile? Follow up with us in October to find out!!
cinco-de-mayo-contract.jpg“I, Zachary Malcomb, will strive to accomplish a four minute mile by October 5th, 2018.”
“Trina, the non-believer, thinks Zachary can only achieve a 4:28 mile.”
Signed and Dated 5/6/2018

Click here to listen to Episode 7: Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

Cold Feat Doodles and FARTS (Fan Art)

Hand drawn logo work and fan art! Send us your feedback, what looks good? What catches your eye?  Send us your own Cold Feat Doodles or FARTS for us to get creative with! coldfeatpodcast@gmail.com

Spartan Race 2018

Check out the photos from Trina’s first Spartan Race we mention in Episode 6: The One Where We Sing John Legend At The End. If you haven’t listened yet, click here to listen now!

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